Friday 29. May 2020

Cooperation partners of the Austrian Catholic Women's Movement



ARGE Projekte

As part of a working partnership, the projects and programmes of kfb Austria and DKA Austria (the Carol Singers' Campaign of the Catholic Children's Movement of Austria) are managed in one joint office. Therefore in some countries of cooperation (India, Philippines, Nepal, Central America, Colombia, Tanzania), our project officer represents both organisations. 

As member organisations, kfb Austria and DKA Austria cooperate with HORIZONT3000 in the areas of co-financing (with the Austrian Development Cooperation and the European Union) and of the Technical Assistance Programme.

Involvement in Umbrella Organisations and Networks

CIDSE is an international alliance of Catholic development agencies working together for global justice. It has 16 member organisations from Europe and North America. kfb Austria and DKA Austria are members through KOO.

The coordination body KOO is a specialized institution of the Austrian Bishops Conference and its member organisations, which on the one hand promotes, coordinates and controls the development policy and missionary commitment of the Catholic Church in Austria, and on the other hand is itself active in advocacy. It has 24 members and is a direct member of the international alliance of Catholic development organisations CIDSE.

The umbrella organisation GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY – Austrian Platform for Development and Humanitarian Aid currently represents the interests of 43 member organisations active in the fields of development cooperation, development education and policy work, as well as humanitarian aid and sustainable global economic, social and ecological development. Global Responsibility is member of the European umbrella organisation CONCORD (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development).

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