Friday 5. June 2020

Vision & Principles


The Austrian Catholic Women’s Movement (a branch of Catholic Action and of the Lay Movement of the Catholic Church in Austria) sees itself as a shaping force within Church and Society. Since 1958 thousands of women have been engaged in the promotion of women in the Southern Hemisphere through its Family Fastday Campaign. Within the framework of the Family Fastday Campaign kfb is transforming its empowering and hopeful spirituality into practical action. It is thus providing the link between women worldwide, with all their experiences and realities of life and their cultural and political options for action. The Family Fastday Campaign is considered as an interface between women’s lives, their needs and hardships, challenging women to take political action on the basis of their faith and to participate in the ongoing differentiated discussion on development issues.


The kfb approach to project work


The major concern of the Family Fastday Campaign is the promotion of women and their holistic empowerment toward a self-determined life. kfb is dedicated to the fulfillment of human rights, to promote solidarity, and committed to establish just structures in the economic and social spheres, as well as within the prevailing power structures. The project policy of the Family Fastday Campaign is based on partnership of equals thus striving for an intensive cooperation with partner organizations. Their expertise and appraisal are the basis for kfb’s project and advocacy work. The long-term partnerships and a sustainable impact are intrinsic values of project work.


The kfb project work aims at the following:

  • The holistic promotion of all persons, especially women and girls, regardless of their religious affiliation, to ensure Human Rights and human dignity.
  • The protection and the strengthening of women, who will defend themselves against violence and in conflicts and lead a life free of violence.
  •  Fostering women’s position in society, realization of women’s rights, striving for equal rights and empowerment.
  • Promoting structural changes, tackling problems at their roots.
  • Considering the cultural and religious identity of target groups.
  • Contributing to the promotion of particularly disadvantaged groups.
Katholische Frauenbewegung Österreichs Katholische Frauenbewegung Österreichs, Referat für Entwicklungspolitik - Aktion Familienfasttag
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