Friday 5. June 2020

Fields of action


There are 4 thematic areas of projects kfb Austria is supporting. The majority of projects supported by kfb belongs to at least one of the following 19 fields of action:



Thematic area: Human Rights and Civil Society


  • Supporting community and identity formation
  • Fostering leadership, capacity building and multipliers
  • Fostering civil society networks and political participation
  • Fostering women’s groups, organizations and networking
  • Support for and implementation of women’s rights, legal advice and advocacy respecting the cultural context
  • Combating violence against women (prevention, rehabilitation, advocacy and lobbying)


 Thematic area: Education


  • Adult education
  • Vocational education and training
  • Peace work and non-violence
  • Women’s studies, feminist research


Thematic area: Secured and Sustainable Livelihoods


  • Smallholder agriculture: production that ensures food security
  • Improved urban and rural incomes
  • Natural resources: equitable access, collaborative management and sustainable use
  • Economic and agricultural systems: innovation and transformation
  • Water, sanitation and energy: model solutions and claiming rights (DKA)
  • Climate change and disasters: prevention and management (DKA)
  • Ecological awareness and environmental protection (DKA)
  • Production and marketing based on a solidary economy (kfb)
  • Improving chances in the economic sphere (land, property, just payment, fair working conditions, infrastructure


Thematic area: Health

  • Integration of health issues in the project work, such as basic health care programmes
  • Reproductive health (HIV/AIDS, open approach to reproductive health)
  • Mental health



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