Friday 5. June 2020

The Project Cycle


The different steps of our project cycle are:


1. Project Proposal
Church-based and non-church related organisations from civil society seek our support with a project proposal. Our project officers at the ARGE Projekte project office review the application and clarify any remaining questions. 

2. Decision to Support
The Family Fast Day Committee Austrian's Catholic Women's Movement takes the decision on project financing. This committee is composed of diocesan representatives and board members at the federal level. If a positive decision is taken, a project contract is signed with the partner organisation. 

3. Implementation and Guidance
The partner organisation implements the project over a certain period (often three years) and keeps ARGE Projekte/kfb  informed via narrative and financial reports. The project officer, and in some cases supporting local consultants or organisations, are in regular dialogue with the partner organisations and visit the projects. They offer advice and support for the implementation process. 

4. Evaluation
Upon completion of the project, its effectiveness is internally assessed by the partner organisation, sometimes with the assistance of external consultants. The findings of the evaluation are discussed with the project officer and incorporated into the planning of further projects.

5. Project Proposal .....

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